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Organic Coconut Chips


Coconut Chips is produced in a similar way to Desiccated Coconut where the meat is dehydrated but the difference is the chip is finely cut to perfection and dried to retain a natural crisp. It is high in healthy fats and is the perfect energy snack. 

coconut chips

Natural Coconut Chips

Natural because it is the purest form of the Organic Coconut Chip without any additive.

The Original Coconut Chip!

coconut chips supplier

Toasted & Sweetened 

    Coconut Chips

For all the Sugar lovers, we take care in sprinkling a very small Qty of Sugar over the Chip while it toasts to perfection, this allows the sugar to be absorbed by the Organic Coconut Chip.  By using a small volume of sugar we attempt to please the taste buds of all the Sugar Lovers but not forgetting to use very little to keep our product healthy for all. 

organic coconut chips

Toasted Coconut Chips

For those that love the crisp effect when munching onto finely sliced slices of Organic Coconut Chips the toasted Coconut Chip has the

crispiness to keep you munching


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