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Organic Coconut Flour 200g Pack

Organic Coconut Flour 


Made from pure organic coconut products our coconut flour is a tasty and healthy alternative to wheat and other flours, making it a great option for gluten free cooking and baking.


The coconut flesh is a natural source of many vital nutrients, including minerals such as Manganese, Potassium and Copper.

Perhaps the most impressive nutritional aspect of Coconut Flour is its high levels of Medium Chain Triglycerides. Although technically a saturated fat, Medium Chain Triglycerides are broken down far easier than other fatty acids such as Long Chain Triglycerides.



  • Versatile ingredient for cooking and baking

  • High in Fibre

  • Gluten Free flour

  • No fillers/preservatives

  • Ground from the coconut flesh

  • Source of Medium Chain Triglycerides

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