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Discover the rich history and unmatched quality of St. Anne's Factory, Sri Lanka's premier manufacturer of coconut products since 1950. Explore how our dedication to tradition and innovation continues to make a global impact.

Unrivaled Quality Through Generational Knowledge


Organic Practices and Certification

St. Anne's Factory not only takes pride in its history but also in its forward-thinking agricultural practices. By using organic manure and maintaining organic certified plantations, the factory ensures that only the best coconuts are harvested.

The Perera Family

The essence of St. Anne's Factory's success lies in its family-driven approach. Each generation of the Perera family has contributed to maintaining and elevating the factory's high standards, making it a symbol of their family legacy. At St. Anne's Factory, the production process is deeply intertwined with family values. The transition of responsibilities from one generation of workers to the next illustrates the deep-rooted connections among the employees, fostering a unique production environment.

Balancing Tradition with Innovation

While cherishing traditional methods, St. Anne's Factory also incorporates state-of-the-art machinery to enhance efficiency and quality, striking a perfect balance that respects heritage while embracing modernity.


The Brand and Its Philosophy

NATURAL COCO ANA, the brand born from St. Anne's Factory, is designed to connect directly with consumers, offering them high-quality, value-added coconut products. The brand reflects the factory's commitment to quality and its desire to share the "Nature's Elixir to Eternal Life" globally.

Giving Back to Community and Nature

Housing and Community Building Initiatives

Understanding the importance of a cohesive community, St. Anne's Factory provides housing within its premises, ensuring that employees feel an integral part of both the business and the family.

Environmental Contributions and Sustainability

The factory extends its care beyond production by nurturing coconut seeds into healthy saplings, which are then donated to enhance local agriculture and support national coconut development initiatives.

Innovation and Growth with New Generations

As new generations take the helm, St. Anne's Factory remains dedicated to diversifying its product range through robust research and development, thereby ensuring continued growth and innovation without compromising on quality.

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